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Month: September, 2015

In Schooling Myself

Don’t ruin this, now
Oh child of the night
Sleep’s what you need
A schedule kept tight
The future’s set for you
Your star’s burning bright
Don’t ruin it now
For the sake of the night

There’s no promise in passion
No reason in fight
Your people are rooting
They’ll keep you in sight
So don’t look behind you
Walk towards the light
You’ll come back when you’re finished
For the sake of the night

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Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Some sort of elf or fairy
Or no-good, nasty spider
Must have taken quite the bite
Out of my big toe, last night-
While I was minding my own business,
Sleeping like the sweet angel I am,
Dreaming on my best behavior-
For my foot’s done sprung a leak
Been slowly saturating my sock
All damn day
Had to walk around a’ squishin’
And a’ splashin’
Wondering what on earth I had stepped in
Leaving a slippery trail in the hallways
Like a slug on a mission…
Well, got home to find that the
Life had been drained right out of me
My big toe all pruney
Was I ‘sposed to wring out my sock?
Save the contents in a jar till my hole heals,
Then drink ‘er down, chug a’ lug?
Or just take a loss,
And toss it out like period panties?
But then who wants an odd number of socks?
Would I have to toss the other with it?
I decided to just throw it in the tub,
Figure something out in the morning…

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A Rather Self-Interested Request

Howdy Y’all!

I have a little favor to ask of ya. I’m trying to write a paper for my Nietzsche class, and here’s the proposal for it. Whatcha think? Give me some feedback! Rip it to shreds! Or coddle my ego… either way, I’d like to hear as many perspectives on it as I may in order to write the best paper that I may. And, if you wouldn’t mind, I have an added layer of amusement. Following the paper proposal is my conception for the real project. So, also tell me how I may fine tune this proposal to better fit my full message. Aight! Here it goes:
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The Night’s Truisms

The one is the many
And the many is one
The mind feasts on plenty
While the body has none
The past holds the future
Presence hardly begun
Moon, please kill me now
While the sun’s out for fun

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