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Month: November, 2015

I Ain’t Your Billy Goat, And This Ain’t Your Bridge

A girl came to an impasse
From one world to the next
When an ugly ass troll
Emerged, under pretext perplexed
And that which ensued
Would leave anyone vexed
So sit tight, it’s alright,
For the Good measures might…
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In Having Been Done Did Known Becoming

When I look at the words set before me, what became of some paper and pen, I undress these formal fabrics, and grasp with bare sense nude essence; keeping fluxed time with the pulse of my condition. I behold a context which cannot be contained, its dimensions lying in euphemism. I behold a pure subject, hidden beyond first glances, and partake of crescendos delivered in dialectic intercourse; delivered, assuredly, far more than once. I behold this same subject with subdivided attention, by all perspectival means available my author. I cannot lay claim to any content, however, for what I behold is between me and that which is given. But how I behold brings forth metered matters. How I love delineates my depths. How I know speaks volumes for my conclusions, as I’ve known this body in full.

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Wiley Ways

for so long i was in such a bad way. and i didn’t even know that way was so bad, until i got out of my way. i’m way better now…

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