Captain’s Log

I’ve been trying to eat the same bowl of cereal
For about a week, now
Of course, to no avail
My stomach is in protest
Dry grains and apple cinnamon flavoring
In no way satisfy my prevailing appetite
For peace and quiet
Compounded with the anti-gravity malfunctions
The task of consumption seems too great a feat
One which I have little desire to complete
They said space would be still, and silent
My little ship and I lightyears from civilization
Where I could get my best thinking done
They hardly ever know what they’re talking about
I don’t know why I believed them
I should have deduced that loneliness
Would pierce my ears with more force
Than the simultaneous explosions of a thousand suns
It’s the same back home
The original pattern of logic
To escape my escape, I just run my little tests
Keep track of my measure
And send the conclusions and contradictions
Of my thought experiments off into the unknown
Why these experiments are vitally important
For those whom I owe the cause of my predicament
I cannot say
But they distract me with a feigning of purpose
Cherished in lieu of contact
They never take the time to answer my questions
I’m not even sure of who they are anymore
Missions in general
Missions writ large
Universal in nature
The source of my reasoning
The condition of my being wherever
Without which I’m just floating about
Much like my cereal
In a Euclidean nightmare
My axioms a product of my own imagination
Derived with no aid from the light of day
With no localized manifold
Out of which to objectively rise
My countenance dull and pasty
Furrowed for no one in particular to see



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