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Month: August, 2016

Dear Coffee, Why Ya Gotta Be All the Way In the Kitchen?

Eggs and ashes
Left over from late night scramblings
Cheezin’, half-eaten
Memories of freedom
Served on the countenance
Of my best microwavable dinettes
Perfectly set on the floor
Atop a table cloth of dirty laundry
Surely I’ll attract ants if I’m not careful
And Kafka will haunt my dreams
“I told you to take responsibility
But no!
Now look at the boards of your bedroom,
Metamorphosed into a unified colony
Of subliminally lost now points
Taking the shape of Absurdity, itself
Shame, shame, shame”
Well now I can’t have that
Not without explanation
And at present, I have none
Best clean up my act
Before my lucidity turns on me,
And into a nightmare
Of boring lectures
Covering over the excitement
I charmed into the room
With very little effort, I might add
Lemme do my homework…



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Stuck, In Time

When considering my love for the human spirit, I find an irreconcilable tension between wanting to do what I may to leave the world, socially and environmentally speaking, in a better state than when I first knew it, so that this spirit may continue to evolve and persevere; and wanting to do what I may so that the human spirit, accompanied by the wild theatrics it’s toted since at least the Ancients, may be preserved. I’m not sure whether this tension, in turn, ought to be relieved or excited. So in a decisive act of indecision, I’ll just call myself a philosopher, and call it a day.

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