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Month: July, 2015

Abstraction, A Nonsensical Representation

Death comes in all shapes and sizes-
This insight is what more than likely prompts
Many to deduce that life exists beyond
The gates of geometrically galvinized bodies
Propogating, ad infinitum, a presumed penultimate plane…
Whether life exists beyond the gates of reasonable objection
In general
None with aims of clarity may really say
But within my own dimensions there is
No predication of any cause greater than
That dictated by these preparatory propositions
Which delineate the deontological bounds of my living subject:
I ought continue, thusly, expounding these bounds
In terms of no-thing-whatsoever
Else nothing of substance presides my being
Else an end await my fate

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Home Is Where the Heart Be[a(s)ts] Free

Beasts of the wild have always taken good care of me
And this is why I don’t believe people to be wild beasts
This is not to say that humans are not wild beasts
No, no, quite the contrary
People, on the other hand…

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