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Month: March, 2015

February’s Last Stand

I stormed my own beaches
To stand against demons
Tyrannically holding my body of works

The bullets reigned down
As bodies found ground
The medics and chaplains feigning for church

So I dug in my feet
To the soil beneath
Committing myself to my goals, thus immersed

Ignoring my flesh
I gave it my best
Till all lies and full forswear left this soft earth

But my job’s never done
So long as there’s sun
Attracting sure death, bound to keep me alert

I’ll stand here in wait
In the name of my fate
As a means of protecting life’s purest curse

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Sometimes your soul takes on a lil more weight than it ever meant to, but I reckon that’s how it grows. After overcoming the worst February on record, it’s now time to take on more weight. But before I do, I wanna make sure I’m all healed up and refreshed. Call me all narcissistic, but sometimes my own jams make me feel better, by reminding me of what I once thought. So here’s an oldy I thought I’d share, because it makes me feel better, and maybe it’ll help y’all, too… Either way, shameless promotion 😛

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And the Days Shall Dream for Me

What fire burns in the dead of night
With no soul awakened to keep it?
What eye beholds the depth of its sight
With no sense of the sowing which reaps it?
What end unfolds into realms unknown
With no forethought to step out and reach it?
Well I can tell you I know
But the proof’s better shown
In suspension, just as I’ve seen it

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