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Month: May, 2014

Restraints Upon Reflection

A black hole beats beneath the depths of my person
Pulsing for systems beyond its command
Each action resultant of infinite structures
Collapsed, in fear of objective demand
Lain prostrate in deference
Index for all reference
My body conditioned by ructions, bedamned
To hold the position as heart of dark matter,
I died long before I began

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Nightlife Prepared to Make Scene on Behalf of Rights to Privacy -OR- Dreams: The Manure of Madness

Distending my prevail in desperate pains to gain exhaustive control
Over the vast domains of my own confusion,
I laid unmitigated waste to all that had become of my previous relations to it,
And in doing so, removed all conceivable doubt of my purpose
From the firmament of my mind- the daylight’s reign ordained as everlasting.

But I may have cleared my way too well,
Leaving sleep no place of peaceful respite;
No freedom to unveil its function apart from scrutiny…

And oh what nightmarish disfigurements of imagination
Which now beckon themselves be-caused
Unto the privileged grounds of my propositional assembly,
Unannounced, pronouncing that I had over-stepped my bounds!
Claiming I shall soon see what becomes of sudden
Expositions of prejudice into immediacy!
The nerve…

It seems that, whether I like it or not,
I am somehow responsible for the egregious effects
Of this pre-determined displacement of such affected secrets-
Lord help me to silence this chaos without sacrificing right to said mob!

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You Do Realize Everything Else Hates Us, Right?

As a species, maybe we ought not turn an eternally inquisitive eye towards our own essence- lest we wish to smother its manifold grace with lifetimes of unrequited love…



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