Insufficient Reason

Given my distinct heavenly nature, clearly,
My unprincipled body is at odds with its own movement:
Should it determine itself through resistance
And aim its actions against its gravitational center
Towards the unknown expanse of things,
So that it abstracts itself from any commitment
To the seductive substance causing
Tempestuous revelations over its absolute condition,
It will never reach its object,
As such an end is ever-disclosing,
And such an attempt at escape will
Forever be marked by its initial impetus;
However, should it succumb
To the pressures of immanence
And buckle under the weight
Of covenanted cosmic culmination
With consensual content,
It will plummet into endless fires
Of fusion and fission,
Fusion and fission,
Cycling so until eternity collapses in on itself-
So that my common sense resolves,
Under the incorrigible pretext of such confusion,
To contract a constitutional eclipse
Over the value of my corporeal position
In order to absolve my conscience of
The immobile nature of my imprisonment;
So that I may continue to revolve around my origins,
Repeating my abiding, run-on sentence
With only the appearance of semicolons
To provide me momentary, cadential release
Through sanctioned sequential addenda,
Punctuating some creative purpose in my recurring for naught . . .

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