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Category: Poetry

My Dumb, Absent-Minded Ass

Where’d it go?
I must’ve lost it
It’s gonna turn up dead
On the curb
Up in the street
Rollin’ ’bout, missin’ its head
Its all my fault
I didn’t notice
Now it’s fate’s, instead
All because
I didn’t tend it
My heart skipped and fled
Now i’m runnin’
Tryina find it
The floor covered in red
It can’t be far
I see its tracks
Where it beat and bled
My mind is fadin’
Time is tickin’
Someone put me to bed
My final rest
A tacit casket
Lord, I wasted my bread




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I Ain’t Your Billy Goat, And This Ain’t Your Bridge

A girl came to an impasse
From one world to the next
When an ugly ass troll
Emerged, under pretext perplexed
And that which ensued
Would leave anyone vexed
So sit tight, it’s alright,
For the Good measures might…
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And the Days Shall Dream for Me

What fire burns in the dead of night
With no soul awakened to keep it?
What eye beholds the depth of its sight
With no sense of the sowing which reaps it?
What end unfolds into realms unknown
With no forethought to step out and reach it?
Well I can tell you I know
But the proof’s better shown
In suspension, just as I’ve seen it

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