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Month: February, 2014

Expiration Date

What’s done in one moment
May be undone in the next
Even the infinite finds its limits
In one who has everything to lose
It’s natural law,
The kind which can’t be broken
Because it contains no sense
To be shattered

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Rent’s Too Damn High

If I weren’t so starved for fulfillment,
I’d resent being force-fed my own words, as such
By a world tickled and bemused with heart-felt promises;
The very best of what my scrawny person could yield
“A lifetime,” I said,
What I’d be willing to exchange
With the pure realm of unconditionals
In return for divine secrets of the everlasting…
Wanna live forever?
Commit yourself firstly to a cause which may
Or may not have anything to do with you
And learn to deal with the silence
Once mayhaps loses interest
In your less than infinite possibilities,
Now objectified in chains

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Brick and Mortar

One ardor of creation is to cover-over
Another, to transform
I cannot with factual assurance
Say which cause is morally superior
Within the highest court of all circumstance
But the fact of the matter
Is that in collusion
Such intangibles indubitably constitute,
Without prior reservation,
Lasting and lodge-able lore

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