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Month: December, 2015

I Watched Enough Cartoons Growing Up to Know Better

The only thing quick about quick sand
Is its wit
And that’s how it gets you
It tricks you into staying
Into lingering just a little while longer
Into thinking that something of significance
Will become of your current situation
When really what you ought to do is move along
And once you realize you’ve nothing to gain
From investing your time, your body
In expectation
You find yourself too depressed into the sediment
To break free from the rise of longing
From the promises with which you slowly syncopated
Your whole self, now in debt


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The Nose of the Firmament Leaks For You

Honey dew drops
Dripped from heaven
Hardly supplement time
Lost while wishing
Upon stars that imploded
Long, long ago

What soothes inflamation
And reduces this fever
Are one and the same
Image of forever
Lodged in your throat
Refusing to dissolve

So hack away
At the hopes and dreams
Which are never reached
But always guide
Until your lungs burst forth
Clouds of mucous all over the sky

What a mess
What a mess


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My Dumb, Absent-Minded Ass

Where’d it go?
I must’ve lost it
It’s gonna turn up dead
On the curb
Up in the street
Rollin’ ’bout, missin’ its head
Its all my fault
I didn’t notice
Now it’s fate’s, instead
All because
I didn’t tend it
My heart skipped and fled
Now i’m runnin’
Tryina find it
The floor covered in red
It can’t be far
I see its tracks
Where it beat and bled
My mind is fadin’
Time is tickin’
Someone put me to bed
My final rest
A tacit casket
Lord, I wasted my bread




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The Caffeine Made Me Do It, I Swear

Go on,
Go on, it’s ok
Just write pretty things
Write pretty things for all the people to read
And don’t you worry your pretty little head
None ’bout how it happens
Leave the thinking to me
I’ll do all the talking
You just write
Write to your little heart’s content
And the content will work itself out just so
So that pure magic will take command
Of a stage standing tall
Like the stories you’ll tell
Tall, so that no one can see your feet
So that no one may ever learn of our secrets
You want this, right?
You want to write pretty things?
Beautiful things?
Things that rip hearts wide open,
And let drip till dry
Tangled veins?
Then just hush, now, hush
Hand it all over to me
Just write pretty things
Just write pretty things, my dear
You’ll find out where you’re headed
Soon enough,
Soon enough, you’ll see….








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