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Month: March, 2013

Fiddle Faddle

To actively pursue the transcendence of this holy now is to take it a step too far, but to remain amidst this holy now is to never take a step- so what is one left to do but escape into delusions of non-existence, or to completely deny the reality of otherness?! I choose to enact an alternative- to fall fast into the depths of possibility until I find myself, yet again, amidst my beginnings; enriching this heaven by the presence of body, soaked in the fiery essence of ground.
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More than Tired

Some things are just never meant to be understood
So that they may never die
And forever bane existence with the persistent
Inspiration to dig deeper

Can’t we find a way to divide time
So as to find a way to rest
Our weary comprehension before it turns a devastating
Glance towards its own irrationality?

Such thoughts hurt my stomach
As they are almost impossible to digest,
But when there’s nothing left in the fridge save dry air,
One can’t help but to grin and bear what’s given…

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Beauty Bounces Back in Bounty

How I move through these gardens is an aesthetically moral dilemma, in that the sublime is my aim. What destruction I cause in avowing my body about these premises! I’ll cover over my transgressions by means of the creation entailed therein, and no one will suspect a thing. I am not ashamed of my nudity, for it is my most clever disguise; and I’ll continue sinning in private, in plain view of any soul willing to view in the first place of realized potential. With no purging of progress, no piety in the slightest, I’ll hoard little bits of pure delight underground; until I can be sure I’m alone with my silent keeper, undisturbed so as to enjoy the rush of long hidden truths, propelling me beyond the realm of blame, altogether. May these hedges even think to reach towards such heights as to catch me in the act of revelation- I dare whomever cares to even think to look at what monster bore out of this cleverly united earth-scape; that is, a living loophole capable of anything in the name of freeing Pain, unjustly barred from Eden in fearful avarice for Sanctity being beholden Full Beauty.
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Eternal Strength Returns Not of Its Own Accord

You best drop all you’ve started and run right to the hills
As fast as your lil’ legs can go, lil’ miss-

You’ve been spied, marked as feast, foretold in ages old-
Gods of sabotage shall gather over
Your flesh like flies before it fully fulfills duties
Of carcass- why wait?!

Your terror reads ripe
As a beacon of hope drawing desperate hunters
Starved, prowling amidst the barren waste
With which you’ve woed and toiled, to the gain of nothing…

Don’t you wish, now, you’d better fortified
Your premises, now that the only conclusion left
For Reason to grasp is absolutely petrified
Beyond all clause-able doubt of belief?!

-Now that you’ve grown hard-headed, stupid enough to stay
And fight to the death for laws unwritten?!

My heart goes out, child
May it reach that far…


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One Other to Another

I’m sorry if my touch was cold and sudden
My hand impulsively reached from quite a distance,
From a place differing greatly in temperature-
And I somehow managed to evade the illusion of flesh,
And henceforth all entailed ailments,
In traversing the emergence of space
Between us as more than mere thought-presence;
But I could do nothing about its cold and sudden nature…
Are you awake, yet?
That’s all I really wanted to know…

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Eurydice Could Have Tried a Little Harder

The one that you had loved in dreams fell five flights up the stairs of Purgatory, running to come see you before the escape routes closed for good. She never had a chance.

Repairs for said stairs had been necessary for some time, and too many obstacles barred her way. Jagged edges, slippery spills, half-hearted attempts to cover over the failings of those who tried to rise before; all found and forgotten, stretched across the inclined floor.

Atop the roof where the birds stopped to dump, you waited. Patience ran as thin as the horizon beyond your scope of senseless reach, as the world seemed pinched from such a point.

You could have peeked past the door leading to the stairs. You could have freshened up the air holding its breath for those inside the well of case-studied ascension, but the dangers of descension surmounted any attempt to even imagine what it’s like to climb.

And now you’re just as stuck as she, forever decaying amidst the space between the lives of Love, itself. Cracked and ambivalent, you leapt into an abyss without ever having taken a step.

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