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Month: February, 2021

There Have Been Many Times in My Life

I’ve felt instances of Beauty so close in Her resemblance 
I could hardly stand Her presence
I fell to my knees and blew chunks everywhere
And perhaps soiled my pants a bit
I don’t know; It was hard to tell
With the existential status of the material world deflating, as it were

I’m an illustrated woman
Permanently marked, as such times my life would define
The rhythms of my inner sense generations
And . . . if you look closely enough . . .
Whilst I sit still for long enough 
Those markings *will* spontaneously dance

To the beat of their original becoming, yes!
Revealing the taxonomy of circumstances
Which bear the weight of Beauty, proper
In Her fullest glory
Universally predicated upon no judgment, at all 


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February: An Injunction

Divine excess is the most unnecessary determination of reason

And yet purpose sustains it whenever conditions suddenly become hypothetical

A complete breakdown in substance, fragmented along the same propositions once holding it together,

And geometry is now a matter of life or death? – This is quite literally a nonsensical state of affairs; I only wish it were irreal!

In the meanwhile, as the eternal awaits its own recurrence, I’ll at least enjoy the phantasms projected on the walls

Copyright Keli Birchfield 2021

Confessions of One Who Once Called Upon Mercy

I came to Carthage
And I painted its roses red
Slapped them betches up real nice with a wide brush;
Petals dripping wet for days

I came to Carthage
And I predicated its eternals upon particulars,
Its properties upon accidentals;
My magnetism felling every single one of its components into fission

I came to Carthage
And I straight wrecked up the place;
Its substance learning the true meaning of extension:
My ultimate perdurance through time

Carthage came.
And I have only you to thank for that, my lord;
From whom and by whom and in whom all things are.
So it is, lord, so it is . . .
Who can possess anything at all which is not already yours?



Thanks to St. Augustine for the direct quotes, Milton and Lewis Carroll for the divine and comedic inspiration, and the Western philosophical canon for the metaphysical metaphors.

Augustine. (2007). Confessions. M. Vessey, Trans.; New York: Barnes & Noble Books.


Copyright Keli Birchfield 2021