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Month: January, 2014

Syllogism is a Sin

Initial conditionals keep the causal world afloat
But to plan on the pragmatics playing out as they should
Is to take for granted that which one ought not to touch
In the first place
May I take whatever comes my way in full and without aversion
May I fulfill my purpose without say, nor suspicious clue
May pure love live yet again, firmly planted in my pain a’plenty
May I forget myself in prudence, and die at the right time for once
For no sake at all, may I be

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Always and Forever

Your soul came back
So I guess I should be happy
It’s the best of your beginnings
And if I am to beg,
Then I guess I have no choice in ends
I wish, though,
That the rest of you would follow
So that all forms of existence may partake
In what we created
Beyond the realm of our own notice-
A rhythm so pure,
Only our hearts may touch it
Yet so forceful, it sets the whole world in motion
Be mine, gravity
For as long as we both shall live,
For I promise that this time I’m ready
I can promise, for this time, it’s real

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In Fact, I’m Not Just Measurement

It was I who erected the calcified covenant
With the falsified colors askew
It was I who provided the cables and clouds
The ground found an unworthy pew
It was I who lacked the patience to follow
An anointed nature renewed
From the first spawned thought
To the dawning’s last wrought
With this sky suppressing all hue
It was I who spent the last of my breath
Beholding and molding such beguiling depths
In exchange for the Devil’s back-due
It was I who erected the calcified covenant
Not all rainbows afford man a clue

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