Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Doo – . . . On Lady Wisdom’s Last Damn Nerve, Is What

Said Philo unto Sophia, “Gurrrrrlll!! You lookin’ so fierce, today!! Mmmhhmm – you gotta tell me your secret!!”

“Well,” she replied, “I have a new creation.”

. . .

First Freedom rang, and then it ditched my door;
Scurrying behind my neighbor’s hedges,
Watching, cackling, practically unseen,
Ate up with glee for the show it occasioned
But as I bypassed its bag of gifts set ablaze,
Boastfully dumped on my virgin welcome mat,
And headed without searching
Straight towards its pervious refuge,
It disbanded; scattering in all directions,
Bestowing trails of fresh gifts, a’plenty,
Forsaking its weakest member, left limp on the lawn
The soiled, spoiled man-let squealed for sweet mercy,
Fearing for its life as it knew not what to expect
“So much for the courage of a Boundless Will,
Conquering All in its sight – you’re coming with me.”
And since then, my house has never been cleaner;
My meals never so tasty;
My Being never so privileged, as it is here in the Now

. . .

“Bless its little heart.”

Thus replied Philo to Sophia, raising up a toast with his glass of sangria, “Oh yaaasss, betch, yaaasss!! Werk it, honey!!” *snap* *snap* *snap*

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