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Month: March, 2018

It’s Ho-fficial

Y’all! The time has come! The Lawn Chair Philosophy Foundation has finally been recognized by the great state of Pennsylvania as a non-profit, and we’re ready to go!

Any little bit helps, so if you would like to donate to our cause, click: Fundraising

And here’s our mission: “Philosophical Need” is a difficult term to define, for its potential is so ubiquitous – everyone has their own personal philosophy, right? Well, we here at the LCP Foundation are huge fans of rigors more pressing than philosophies, unthematic. And we believe that hard, philosophically guided self-reflection is quite necessary in developing a critical eye and a robust imagination. It is through an interplay between these two faculties of the mind that autonomous individuals emerge, who from within may reach outward into this wild, wild world; and who may thusly create a home which reflects and affirms their unique rational willing. However, for those pushed to the fringes of society, and beyond, clear and approachable access to academic resources which may enhance and expedite intellectual becoming is terribly wanting. In response to this problem, we have compiled a hardy Library Starter Pack to donate to homeless shelters, half-way houses, impoverished schools, mental hospitals, etc., in the hopes of creating concrete channels to philosophical methods and narratives which vigorously address the mind and its capacities; in the hopes of providing spaces where those willing to put in the work may carve for themselves a home rich in substance, all their own. Currently in development are supplementary Expansion Packs which shall follow a myriad of philosophical discussions found within and throughout the realm of possible thought. And to accompany the Library Starter and Expansion Packs, we shall soon offer MOOCs and teaching resources available for, virtually, the whole world.

Thank you all for the continued support on this blog and stay tuned for big things to come from this charity!

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Of Function and Science

How do you get your mind over the conditions which ground it,
Found it,
Put it to rest;
Fixed and immutable?
You lie to your heart about what’s standing right in front of you
And hope to god no one sees
Your eyes, full of doubt
Heaven forbid you look in a mirror . . .

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