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Month: December, 2019

Ex Nihilo.

It might seem like It comes from nothing. But for those who are paying close attention, Being bares itself in full during every step of its becoming.

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I Like My Justice Poetic

When you come from the land of plenty
And toy with the land of naught
Be careful what you wish for
You won’t get what you thought
Exactly as you asked
Exactly as I please
Your wording matters
Order fraught
With missteps

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Deconstructing Beauty

There’s no depth to bare bones
No life
No thrill
No music
Just purpose
And yet my skeleton
Is all I am to bear
If I am to gain
Any philosophical standing
I’d rather remain prostrate
Beholding the spirits and souls
To which my thoughts are beholden
Than to systematically peel
My skin and flesh away
‘Til all that’s left to reveal
Is myself, calcified and brittle
Rattling on about principles
No one can digest
Structured but formless
The passing wind composing my words
My life force having done fallen
Through the cracks of my framework
Splattering a patternless mess
On the grounds of my premises
I’d rather remain a whole damn testament
To what it means to fully measure
My metaphysical position in this world
Than to completely miss the point
Of Being here
In exchange for a pat on the back
And a buck
. . . f**k!
If a pat on the back and a buck
Don’t sound good right about now!

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