Dear Liza, Dear Liza

by animalworkss

Some sort of elf or fairy
Or no-good, nasty spider
Must have taken quite the bite
Out of my big toe, last night-
While I was minding my own business,
Sleeping like the sweet angel I am,
Dreaming on my best behavior-
For my foot’s done sprung a leak
Been slowly saturating my sock
All damn day
Had to walk around a’ squishin’
And a’ splashin’
Wondering what on earth I had stepped in
Leaving a slippery trail in the hallways
Like a slug on a mission…
Well, got home to find that the
Life had been drained right out of me
My big toe all pruney
Was I ‘sposed to wring out my sock?
Save the contents in a jar till my hole heals,
Then drink ‘er down, chug a’ lug?
Or just take a loss,
And toss it out like period panties?
But then who wants an odd number of socks?
Would I have to toss the other with it?
I decided to just throw it in the tub,
Figure something out in the morning…



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2015