Of Ways, of Modes, of Transcendental Logic

Mere words associated with abstract things,
Far removed from anything of substance
Struck the most tender spot in my heart
And tears welled to the precipice
Of undignified sobs, right in the middle
Of a crowded coffee shop
You must have touched my most mundane studies
Animating logic theories past
As what I once thought lost forever
Sprang to life, as full as your physical presence
Once was
To what extent are you here?
Does it even make sense to ask such a question?
What once was real
Will always be so
And shall forever shape, even if from tacit recesses
The form of phenomenal space
These tears, hardly secret are sent not from sadness
No, no
Beauty, here, holds firm sway
For certain, indubitably
Pure essences are felt in this world

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