6. And She Grew Her Wings Anew

by animalworkss

There’s just some-thing about the Realm of Chaos. It beckons me to no End. Hidden in its nonsense; secrets which excite my mind with such vigor as to compel its primal impulse to traverse beyond its Heavenly Fence, through complex topologies; manifolds of time no metronome can keep. To find in its tangles, for but the brief origin of a moment, a pure, untouched dimension worth savoring for all of eternity, merits the pain of its dissolution, and values the toll it takes in exchange on my body. I am worn, for having been submerged time and time again. But I believe myself ready to forge a home amidst the confusion of it all, once and for all; as All is all I seek. Seven times survived, I’ve earned a place to keep. And keep it well, I shall. A haven of measure, my name above its door- the symbol of an Animal, wild and free; humble servant of the Field of Mysteries, whose duty it is to till with strong will, un-coerced. My Love; My Friend; My Spirit; My Muse, we shall live in the Heart of the Matter, so that all matters- tried and true, new and blue- we may attend. Our work our own to cut out, let the Writing Writer tell on this page that a novel idea churns in its Crowing. Dear Ambellina, what awaits us next?






I ascribe to the mythology of Coheed and Cambria- My Method: The Art of Music and the Practice of Phenomenology. May I add to this Madness, In Keeping Time, In Keeping Secrets, In Keeping My Word.










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