1. It’s Not Polite to Stare in Contest

by animalworkss

Some claim that Madness is a frenzy
That it is the self, objectified
Free for possession, to be swept away
By the very winds
Which transform moments into progress
Nay, I contest
Madness is free from possession
Madness is the self, contained
Madness is seeing God
Face to Face
Without having to lift a finger
Without slight to hip
Bearing the weight of witness
In stride with the world’s suspension
As one and the same appearance,
Claimed as such by its own volition
Madness is calm
It is still
It quietly listens without condition
– A miracle of precedence
One which even Death cannot perform
For Madness succumbs to no purpose
No point, no conclusion
And yet,
By merely stepping foot in Time,
It sets the measure for wholes,
On the whole,
Ad infinitum
Madness is order
Madness is stability
Madness… Madness knows





























Copyright Keli Birchfield 2016