The Caffeine Made Me Do It, I Swear

by animalworkss

Go on,
Go on, it’s ok
Just write pretty things
Write pretty things for all the people to read
And don’t you worry your pretty little head
None ’bout how it happens
Leave the thinking to me
I’ll do all the talking
You just write
Write to your little heart’s content
And the content will work itself out just so
So that pure magic will take command
Of a stage standing tall
Like the stories you’ll tell
Tall, so that no one can see your feet
So that no one may ever learn of our secrets
You want this, right?
You want to write pretty things?
Beautiful things?
Things that rip hearts wide open,
And let drip till dry
Tangled veins?
Then just hush, now, hush
Hand it all over to me
Just write pretty things
Just write pretty things, my dear
You’ll find out where you’re headed
Soon enough,
Soon enough, you’ll see….
















Copyright Keli Birchfield 2015