I Ain’t Your Billy Goat, And This Ain’t Your Bridge

by animalworkss

A girl came to an impasse
From one world to the next
When an ugly ass troll
Emerged, under pretext perplexed
And that which ensued
Would leave anyone vexed
So sit tight, it’s alright,
For the Good measures might…

Stop, I dare say!
And what is thy name?

What’s it to you?
What’s in a name?

Letters, in abundance
And content, dear child

And why does it matter?
I’m just passing by!

Well the way that you pass
Is just not allowed

Well how am I doing it?
How is it I’m foul?

Your stride is too lengthy
Your foot steps too light

Well you’re pissing me off
You’re picking a fight

But a fight is not right
Neither is the passive

But to pass is my point
Your contradiction is massive

Well now I can’t contradict
This impasse is mine

And how did you find it?
Possess it in time?

Those questions are silly
And way past your level

And what level is that?
Please tell me your measure!

My measure is measured
By measuring itself

Then please show me such means
What cards are you dealt?

To show you my cards
Is no way to play

But I’ve shown you all mine
You’ve had it your way

Ah, your turn isn’t over
You haven’t proven your spot

But I’ve determined myself
By means of where I am not

And where are you not
If not here, my child?

I’m not where I’m wanting
And it’s driving me wild

Erratic disfunction
Is no reason to be

And impossible standards
Make not sound decrees

But, alas, you can’t move
Your passions now mine

Well then I’ve already won
You can’t hold them, you’ll find…

And the ugly ass troll atop the bridge bounding sight
To the land of plenty, of ends shining bright
Burnt itself into ashes, it served itself right
While the girl stood her ground, and was granted her flight









































Copyright Keli Birchfield 2015