Equal Footing

by animalworkss

Groundings, I respect you, and so expect nothing of you save that which emerges from your wishes.
May you produce time-honored tradition if the weather permits; and if not, may you become the weathered.
My existence depends upon you, yet I thrive whilst you repose.
Lord knows, despite my own becoming, that all is well with my work, and requires little of my moral ambition
Beyond the achievement of tender-loving care from time to time.
So, with your opportune consent, I long to channel to your core all available power and glory afforded me through the name of all that names,
And with provisions providing that all beginnings possess the potential to birth ends,
I hope for the sake of all else that endowed within my concentrated depths are seeds of vision and purpose, ad infinitum.



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2013