If John Henry Had a Metronome

by animalworkss

Discretion is a virtue, though not when processed and known
For the powers that be, whatever that means, tend to corrupt on the whole

Sneaking around under the cover of right has become tricky enough
Without subjecting my strengths to systematic signatures of scrutiny

Morally, I no longer know what to do, save challenge the pulse of all moments,
Divide it as swift as my will, and openly transition my being however it sees fit

So that my expressions may finally speak for themselves, unconditionally;
So that my methods overcome the world’s prying eyes, crying out for help;

So that I beat the living daylight to the punchline, rise above all machines,
Level my perspective and environs, and unbound my sound from senseless formalities,

I’ll reach beyond my own heart, beyond logical progression altogether;
In order to tell the tallest tale ever conceived since humanity first birthed science




Copyright Keli Birchfield 2013