The Moon is Blue, Yet Quite Pleased with Itself

by animalworkss

I’ve never met a reason good enough to make me want to wish away the moral heft resting itself upon my shoulders, and let fall into irreverence how it was that I began

Therefore, I happily continue upholding every last resting promise made in the name of deep-rooted value, despite conflicting self-interest,

So that all of my selves, no matter how lowly, may inter-subjectively thrive

For of all the worlds collectively creating girth behind my clavicles, there is but one event which defines my horizons

And the totality of my history only requires the maintenance of this one classic structure in order for my growing perspectives to gain essence

So why on earth would I betray pure love, in the name of the empty space which surrounds?



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2013