Pragmatically Resolved

by animalworkss

No longer will the Earth remain idle and silent as its own secrets bare the brunt of self-destructive acts upon open fields, made of my shoulders

No longer will a bold-faced and torrent velocity lie in continuance along lines of misdirected positions, with me tied to its tracks

No longer will I confuse cold, hard facts with the sheltering arms of extended abstraction, as they have habitually squeezed the air from my lungs

May this revised thesis of progression afoot be fitted with firm soles and purpose, primed and ready to serve the selves attending what’s pure

May clarity yield for me distinct potentials, providing fuel for the Kenetic Thought which wishes to carry us beyond our past operations

May my eyes be brightened with bushy tales that won’t soon be forgotten, yielding a vision so wide and wild I become a primary cause of Destiny

For I am this very World of Practical Relation, and by definition, I deserve better treatment- I owe it to myself to thrive




Copyright Keli Birchfield 2013