A Rash Thought, Unitched and Underdeveloped

by animalworkss

You directed your rage in all pureness, while forgetting your shamed aim is poor
Each visiting vision wrought with harsh peril, for all intentions avowed were unsure
And being quick to judge as all in affront, you mistook for pain gifts allured

So fall back through the cracks most distorted, that Chaos may henceforth align

For it favors the most what’s illusive, in hoarding full bodied what’s felt
Be guided and conquer the void of your person, for your demons are here but to help
You will hide not from your eyes while you shoot for the prize: torch with blazing infernos the Self

And when all has been buried by the weight that was carried, the depths of all Wisdom you’ll find




Copyright Keli Birchfield 2013