Beauty Bounces Back in Bounty

by animalworkss

How I move through these gardens is an aesthetically moral dilemma, in that the sublime is my aim. What destruction I cause in avowing my body about these premises! I’ll cover over my transgressions by means of the creation entailed therein, and no one will suspect a thing. I am not ashamed of my nudity, for it is my most clever disguise; and I’ll continue sinning in private, in plain view of any soul willing to view in the first place of realized potential. With no purging of progress, no piety in the slightest, I’ll hoard little bits of pure delight underground; until I can be sure I’m alone with my silent keeper, undisturbed so as to enjoy the rush of long hidden truths, propelling me beyond the realm of blame, altogether. May these hedges even think to reach towards such heights as to catch me in the act of revelation- I dare whomever cares to even think to look at what monster bore out of this cleverly united earth-scape; that is, a living loophole capable of anything in the name of freeing Pain, unjustly barred from Eden in fearful avarice for Sanctity being beholden Full Beauty.



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2013