Eternal Strength Returns Not of Its Own Accord

by animalworkss

You best drop all you’ve started and run right to the hills
As fast as your lil’ legs can go, lil’ miss-

You’ve been spied, marked as feast, foretold in ages old-
Gods of sabotage shall gather over
Your flesh like flies before it fully fulfills duties
Of carcass- why wait?!

Your terror reads ripe
As a beacon of hope drawing desperate hunters
Starved, prowling amidst the barren waste
With which you’ve woed and toiled, to the gain of nothing…

Don’t you wish, now, you’d better fortified
Your premises, now that the only conclusion left
For Reason to grasp is absolutely petrified
Beyond all clause-able doubt of belief?!

-Now that you’ve grown hard-headed, stupid enough to stay
And fight to the death for laws unwritten?!

My heart goes out, child
May it reach that far…





Copyright Keli Birchfield 2013