Sublimely Captivated

by animalworkss

No sooner than stepping foot outside my usual confines
Did all that’s becoming of this day become apparent
As nonsensical tyrannies objectively reigning down from the sky,
As if space itself were falling to pieces of infinite strands of light
Towards a subject, grounded and unwilling to fall with it.
It’s on days like these I wish I would keep better track of my sunglasses…
What is it world?
What is it you want from this person?
And why this day, when I finally found the energy to express my courage to see?
Is there any value in your forcing my head down in revelatory worship?
If so, I guess I’d rather not know,
So forget I even asked- I’ll do as this spirit is told;
I’ll look upon the illuminated, as if context had a clue;
And move amidst creation as if I weren’t chained to it,
Finding some sort of counter-rhythm in the rattling of my shackles.
This oppression openly stands, man aloof,
And concerning the source of its power
I am at a loss for words-
May my gaping stare suffice as explanation for this present state of madness…
May tomorrow’s observations yield less affected results…



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012