Rock N Mould

by animalworkss

I wish to outline my method,
To carve out a plausible way
From these immovable objectives,
Claiming rights to non-existence.
I see where others have tried,
With their bare knuckles and nails
Left blood stains and scratches,
As if hysterically trapped by that which
They could have worked around.
Feet firmly planted, I go about it differently;
For all I need is a light, heart-felt touch
And image appears, as if of its own accord,
So that it tickles me pink
With what this relation has taken
Over through responsibility.
I think I’ll leave the stains where they stand, though,
In keeping with the form
Of what others should have done-
I’ll work around it.
Besides, the hint of struggle is aesthetic…



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012