Remains of the Calm, Cool, and Collected

by animalworkss

The vomit bore up from great heats, running deep
And dry, for the times, which ignite the flames-
Each new choking, delivered on behalf of the Self,
The result of a purging of all that be dealt
Towards the Person, entangled thoroughly in names…
Harmless, at first, till there’s a loss of trust in sleep…

Marvelous features hurled as a pile on top of a heap,
Of discoveries; All bits of realities ripped from their place
Without waiting for fulfillment of unbridled tasks,
Beant on impeding the Presence, in violation of Past-
Denying magnitudinal makings of Futures lacking Time and Space…
Through crisis, remember to breathe so that the heart beats…




Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012