Through Swift Acts of Bound Determinism

by animalworkss

No thank you, I don’t need the caffeine,
Nor do I want it.
Not today, for my heart would much rather slowly stew
In this sweet and tangy depression,
Simmering to perfection,
As it rests from the effervescent ecstacies of the ever-present.
Today, I’ll move as fast as I can,
As fast as my body wishes,
Insofar as I’m always aimed at the best
And I trust my body’s judgment
Concerning its own person.
Guilt falsely imposed upon the speed of my mind
Takes no possession when I truly know I’m in the clear;
For it is I that did the clearing,
With no aid given my bare hands
Save conviction and a butter knife.
So, I will rest in complete and valid soundness,
As my blood runs too thick,
Within and alongside the tangles of this landscape,
To be tricked by my own nature…



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012