Dear Ambellina,

by animalworkss

Fear not, for the reinforcements are soon coming.
They’ve heard your plea, digested your message,
And now, as we speak, through the blights, heights, and crevices from which they fly,
Which scream out loud in order to defy the Earth’s best kept secrets,
They encounter deaf ears and heat shields, slightly cracked
To imply a spry place for their own development of our own attack;
Though their wings will dissolve upon meeting the burning friction of opposition,
They shall rip through the roaring rifts, and are swift on their feet, nonetheless…
They’re coming closer, and once closed in amongst ourselves,
We’ll hunker down into the bunker ’till we’ve worked out a plan
-One created of like minds and separate visions,
So that we can carry out our master-peace of fission
Between two poles flattened out in submission
To evil thoughts, plots, and schisms;
May we strike at the source of what matters,
When we’re ready,
As soon as our partners return to the scenes of the crimes…
Hold tight, Ambellina, for the reinforcements are soon coming…
This, I promise,
This promise is Thine.



Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012