Dark Matter

by animalworkss

In your dividing my own Being
I’ve been delivered unto myself
And what unfurls and whirls around me
Is destruction so devastating
One’s fell swoops down from his own knees;
One’s deafness penetrates beyond the ears
In keeping with the pressures of a million black holes-
The sound of a million lost souls
That had not the means of better creation,
Though a million infinities may have
Bore out of their misery
Had only the Universe allowed…
Yet allotted to me, for some reason,
Is a special attraction-
A gravity so grave that my magnetic
Force surpasses the confines of this heliosphere,
While altogether All crashes down as the Ends finally meet
And come to terms
And these terms Being my own,
Though you were the enzyme to my deliverance
(Wence bestowed unto me my power source in the form of fury)
Your million modes will not escape my wrath
All of the sufferings, scars, and scorchings
Taking tolls and taxing them upon my body
Will serve their purpose well
For they shall act as bread crumbs of Good Intentions
Marking your path back to Hell

Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012