Escaping That Which is Only Experienced ‘Once’

by animalworkss

God damn opiates!
Appropriate for mishaps
And all the day’s doings
But really- what Good does it make?
A break, upon the world, you say?
A rip in space and time,
A vacation from the daily grind?
Tell me, is that really where
One should find One’s freedom?
Is that loop-hole-liable?
Fashion the day’s events
Into a reason to lament
And any Being would want
To leave for a while…
But this leaving leads All
Through an endless cycle
Of woe and want-
That which goes unattended
Transforming into demons
Before unseen, terrors beyond obscene;
Possible modes of One’s own existence
Shaped by pity and fear-
Lend not the Ear,
But the Heart and Soul to the problem!
Though, if all One has to offer
Is a crescent-shaped pill,
Then why not?
Who cares?
In what sense is there a will?
For Christ’s sake,
The sun will probably explode tomorrow, anyways…









Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012