What Time is Often On?

by animalworkss

I only think of you when the moon is full,
And blue for that matter;
But this is probably the case because
My body would be unable to handle such memorable encounters at any higher rate
For my skin crawls with undulating disease bore out of my deepest, darkest atoms
And itches at the sight of your eidetic fingerprints, animated by the night lights dancing softly across my surface
My stomach turns sour as your taste seeps out of my own saliva, and washes down my throat like fine whiskey-
Smoothe, and you go down easy with your promise of healing;
But once inside, you ransack my body and derail my thoughts,
Creating more chaos and destruction than you can roll a dollar bill at…
So I’ve trained my thoughts to only align with your essence when I need it the most,
That is, while at that level of rock bottom where sacrfice of body and soul is one’s only hope of survival;
And memory is but a mere index of pride.

Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012