Fighting for the Right to Stay Calm

by animalworkss

Everyday I awake abruptly and in panic;
My dreams having deposited me in a world measured by ‘less-than-it-could-be’
I am left to scramble in search of sequence.
How did grandeur decompose into ruin in the blink of an eye?
What was at one point vibrant and full
Is now a partially deflated balloon,
Dangerously close to losing its pitiful life to a coming storm
As it is unable to escape its bondage to a rusty, old lawn chair…
And with that, pain is first in line; eager to fill the void left in the wake of awareness-
A pain so intense, it threatens the existence of all Existence as I know it,
But also a pain that has met its match in my Madness and Conviction
(If the two may be distinguished)
And it is with those Elements that I survive a re-presented cosmic struggle
Between my Being and my Body, as such,
And each morn live to tell the Tale of it All, to them All-
Or at least to anyone willing to listen
For maybe, little by little, I can inspire a new measurement through which this world could be All-that-it-may;
And then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t wake up
So suddenly…

Copyright Keli Birchfield 2012